Sunday, June 01, 2008


We were training at this low ceiling gym yesterday and practicing small waza to avoid breaking the lights. Now I got a pain in the a$$ - seriously I didn't notice how much power from the "hips" I was using. Need a massage there!!

That happens to be the 2nd training I went to for the entire May. Since I don't have to go to work downtown, the bus journey to the faraway has become the least appealing... Tho I did jog around the neighbourhood about twice a week to get some exercise anyway. There's this taikai coming in later the month and I think I am just going to play for a few minutes and get my lunch there.

Actually I took a break last week so as to not further injury by wrist, and to take the bike exam at my best condition. Yet the weather was not helping and the exam was postponed to early July. (It was flooding the whole of last week!) Looks like I got a lot to prepare for very soon...

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