Sunday, March 30, 2008

Relax no more

So, back from a 2-week holiday in Vietnam. Walked a lot, ate too much, got a tan (mainly on the sandal straps!), and exploring cool activities such as crossing roads swamped with mopeds, and diving! There are pics on my flickr account if anyone interested.

Back in the dojo last Sat was a very quiet practice. Only 8 of us turned up, 7 of those guys in their mid30s to 40s!

We didn't do any crazy kakarigeiko or even jikeiko, but the 2-hr practice was pretty exhausting. From checking ourselves from the mirror doing shomen uchi with seme ashi, to doing kirikaeshi, and cutting each other up using seme ashi... The more I focus, the more intense I felt.

But the disappointing part went to me not really understand what was going on... I moved in okay, but very bothered by the opponent's shinai in the centre. Why was his damn shinai still in the centre anyway?? In the practice I had problems cutting men AND kote, and it was very frustrating.

Someone pointed out that I cut men from the right - simply that was because I didn't run into the centre!! I really need to remember this.

I got myself a new wrist support - works fine in the dojo, but the pain creeps in that night. I biked okay today, but almost crashed doing U-turns... Argh.

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