Wednesday, December 05, 2007

In 5 Days

...I will again fight for Team HK. This time is the annual Chinese Taikai - kenshi from all around Mainland China will travel to grade/ fight in the coming weekend. (They have to be "Chinese" to fight.)

There was this call from my Sensei earlier last week, literally pushed me to be in the team. I was very reluctant because A) I am supposed to rest my wrist; B) I am seriously busy at "work" (with tons of freelance work sucking up all my non-work hours) and C) I haven't been in bogu for the entire Nov. The only thing that kept me "fit" was the 25-min jog along the river twice a week.

Last weekend they had Chiba sensei visiting with I missed. The remaining keiko time will be tonight (Tues) at squad training. So I have to go.

"How's your wrist?" has replaced "hello" as a greeting when I met up with the sensei, coach and fellow team members. Gossips spread really fast!!

We had some light, "normal" warm-up, short kihon and shiai keiko - all done in an hour and I left after the first jikeiko with Eda-sensei.

For the whole time I was just sucking up the pain, and especially in shiai it was very frustrating to fight against my own wrist!! I lost all my shiai 0-2 (or should I blame the ref not focusing on our court?) My cuts are seriously lacking the snap and power all coming from right hand. Totally awful experience.

I found it a bit unfair that all these guys can join the competition on free will, but injured girls had to be on "reserved".

This wrist has traumatized a great part of my spirit already. I am not even sure whether this is just an excuse of escaping responsibility or what. I am already blaming it for failing my driving exam - and that's not a good sign.

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Ivan said...

Hi Jenny, hope that your wrist recovers quickly. Please take care!