Thursday, December 22, 2005

Budo Stamps

The other day I was trying to find Jan-06's issue of Kendo Nippon (with special AJKC DVD included)... It has proven to be a popular buy among fellow kenshi - I declared my defeat after asking at 4 different honya.

Anyway, there's always something else I ended up buying... like old issues of whatever mags that came in sight. Last time I bought this "Japanese Postage Stamp Catalogue 1999" with HK$10 (i.e. really cheap).

My intention was to see the stamps as design/ illustration references, but it happens that a lot of them are budo-related. Below are the one listed:-

1953 - Judo

1956 - Judo

1960 - Kendo

1962 - Kendo (at Ryukyu - it's only been Okinawa Prefecture since 15 May 1975)

1963 - Sumo

1964 - Karate (Naihanchi, Makiwara, Kumite)

1972 - Kendo (background: Aso Volcano, Kumamoto-ken)

1973 - Kyudo (commemorating Okinawa's reversion - Okinawa Special National Athletic Meet)

1983 - Naginata (background: Myogi Yama, Gunma-ken)

1995 - Judo

1999 - Karate

Well, I did collect stamps at primary school. But not much of a collection since email came into my life at secondary school...

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