Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Long time No Thursday

On the first evening of December, after a month of internship with no job offer in the end, I had the folllowing activities to choose from:-

1. Kendo
2. Illustration for Advertising class
3. Play with cats at home

In the end Option #1 was the one to go for - simply because it can take me away from the hectic life in the last couple of days/weeks.

It was another usual session in kihon, but somehow being barely to make the last 30 mins of jikeiko in previous weeks, suddenly everything in kihon feels so refreshing. It helped me to cut properly in a controlled environment at my own pace.

There were about 8 or 9 adults and 3 kids in bogu tonight. It was quite exhausting without a little breather in between changing partners, as only Jane and I were in the "ladies group".

Rounds of suri-ashi men/kote-men/kote-men-do-men, then suri-ashi kirikaeshi, men-uchi, kote or kote-men-uchi, and finally more rounds of kirikaeshi and do-kirikaeshi at full length of the dojo... It was until this point that I pulled some muscles around my left ribs.

...Went on watching from the side for the ending 20 mins of jikeiko, and at times did about 200 suburi. Now I know how "not in shape" I am - not being able to last less than 1.5 hour of kihon kendo. How can I make myself to the squad?


I did get to the Regional Kendo Tournament as a spectator last Sunday. Just don't have time to report on it. More laterz.

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