Monday, October 25, 2004

Feels like Ikkyu

Yes I passed Nidan last weekend.

That day was long and boring. When I got home at 6.30pm I went straight to bed.

I woke up a few hours later and loaded the photos I took into the harddrive. That included the video of my grading fights.

My kamae looked absolutely horrible. I knew it looks bad. But now I know it was THAT bad.

... and I keep wondering why I passed...? Yeah I passed. But not happy at all.

Last Sat at Wakaba I queued for Fujisawa sensei. When we got up from sonkyo, I did my kiai to keep me in focus. But Fujisawa sensei walked over to me and said, "oh congratulations!" Apart from saying thank you, I was lost. I don't even remember I am Nidan.

My men cut sucks so much. I had my Shodan shinsa on video as well. God I cut so much better last year in front of Miyazaki Masahiro at the 12th WKC grading. What happened???

There isn't a proper taikai I am going for in a few months. I have been working on my job-hunting a lot lately, so there isn't much to think about in kendo. Now I need to work back my Men!!!

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