Sunday, August 29, 2004

"Go for it"

It has been quite frustrating recently, that I am not able to practice more than once a week due to academics. The only chance I can get my medicine is the Wakaba practice from 12pm-430pm (Iaido+Kendo).

The tsuba of my Iaito has loosen up for no reason (maybe it's too cheap?!). Lukas spent a long while attempting to fix it - leaving no time for Iaido free practice before the regular class.

Sahla stopped the Jodo class and asked everyone to do some splinting across the dojo - keeping both heels off the floor at all times. Maybe it's the influence of the Olympics. But then I was never a good runner... Tales were told about some Japanese sensei putting drawing pins underneath people's heels (ouch!).

We progress into the Iaido class - the focus was more on improving the basics. Points for myself that I wasn't' too aware of includes:-
1. When in suburi, tip of the sword should not point to the back, but UP. (previously Sahla banged his sword against mine to "teach me a lesson", leaving me a loosen tsuba...)
2. Yoko chiburi - tip of sword and tsuba should be horizontal (I used to do it pointing downwards too much)
3. kiritsuki - should hold the sword out with tip in front of our face (not too wide)

We get more advice on Seitei kata #1-5... My main problem is "no relaxed enough" - I was told a couple of times to "do it again" because of tense facial expression (Argh!!). Also the concept of Metsuke is emphasized.

- When the left hand swings up to grip the sword, bring back saya to the centre.
- Bring right foot around before spinning. Toes under.
- Left heel should get right next to the right knee. Block AND rise up. On the downward cut, the right foot should go back straight and not at an angle... Otherwise you'll miss the opponent completely. Also, when cutting, think about cutting into the center. Because the sword is already at an angle up your shoulder, going for a diagonal cut will widen the angle too much.
- When sitting in tatehiza, the right knee should try to go lower... Forward strike should be higher to the solar plexis of the opponent, and the sword should go against the chest (either higher or lower) on the thrust to the rear. Look before cutting to the front again.
- Pull sword out 1/3 before turning the direction. Up+Down in one movement. Have kikentaiicchi in chiburi.

I don't like bokuto-kihon, but was forced to do it!!
I don't really want to be a motodachi for the beginners class, but I did it again...hmm I want to save up more energy for the adult practice.


Today I am starting to lose the accuracy + speed for my favorite de-kote waza. I was trying for kote-men combos, like faking kote first, before going for men. But the success rate is really low (frustrating). I don't know why. Maybe I wasn't focusing. Maybe I was tired. Maybe I am getting worse...

People I fought:-
Matsuoka - Maeda - Schmidt - Emmanel - Y Miyamura - Ishido - Alexander - Holt
A Scott
Schmidt (again)

Not too bad for a tiring day. My primary goal is to last as long as possible. Eventually I'll be able to last for the whole round!!

Pleeeeease stop banging my right heel on the floor on fumikomi!! This is horrible - I should have remember what I just learnt in the Iaido class!!!

I realize I bend too much over to the right on unsuccessful attempts to cut kote...

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