Sunday, July 25, 2004

Watching Day

My left ankle isn't too well so I decided to give it a rest. Kendo-wise that is, as I still went for 2 hours of Iaido + the bloody kendo kata...

Sahla sensei was at the beginner's end (surprisingly, Matsuda-san is starting Iaido as well!!), so we the slightly more intermediate people quietly did Seitei under Hahn-Morris's supervision. Actually I spent the first hour (when the other side was at their Jodo class) running through Seitei #1-12 TWICE... So that day I did the whole Seitei for like, 4 times... Argh.

My body isn't that balanced doing o-chiburi from kneeling. I'd blame the bad ankle for now...

The 4th cut at #11 is a 180-degree horizontal cut. Should not attempt to drop the sword AND THEN pull it behind the body.


I missed yesterday's Nenriki, but they arranged a "massive attack" on Wakaba today. That's probably because they heard Ideguchi-sensei (nito) is leaving soon. Excluding me who is just watching at the side, there are 7 of us -- Blake-sensei came along as well, amazing!!

Holt-sensei and Gibson turned up in Nenriki yesterday. I totally missed the fun. Gee, I really hate not being able to train!!

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